Our Services

We work with students from across the country and around the world as they prepare for the bar exam.

Repeat Takers

Traditional methods of bar preparation don’t work for everyone. Our services are designed for students who need personal attention and feedback. In addition to regular tutoring sessions, students receive a custom study schedule and materials, making our program a complete bar review experience.

First-time Takers

Many of our first-time takers choose to use our tutoring services and materials as a supplement to a full commercial bar review course. Students can choose to meet with a tutor regularly or on an as-needed basis to refine their understanding of the subject matter and work on strategies for answering multiple choice and essay questions.

About Us

Each of our students receives the highest level of personal attention for the most affordable price in the industry. From designing a customized study schedule, to providing you with innovative instruction and study materials, we will give you the foundation…

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Our Testimonials

“I took the New York Bar Exam not the first time in February 2020 and I can safely say that John was the reason I passed. When I had taken…


Passed February 2020 New York Bar Exam

"After Studying for 9 weeks grueling weeks, over the Summer of 2019, using video lectures, flashcards, and an array of other commercial bar prep materials, I came up 10 points…


Passed February 2020 Illinois Bar Exam

“Being a repeat bar taker, I knew the biggest thing I needed the second time taking the bar was confidence, and John gave me just that! John pulled the knowledge…


Passed February 2020 Illinois Bar Exam

“I honestly believe that if it were not for Law Preps and John’s help, I would not have passed the bar exam. I took the Illinois bar exam twice before…


Passed July 2019 Illinois Bar Exam

“I always excelled in writing and English courses throughout grammar school, high school, undergrad, etc. Law school and legal writing were quite different for me. My 1L finals were mostly…


Passed July 2019 Illinois Bar Exam