Passed October 2020 Illinois Bar Exam

“After you spend months prepping for the bar exam to learn you failed, you begin to feel defeated.  The October 2020 bar exam was my 5th time taking the exam.  I had landed my dream job and needed to do whatever I could to pass. Failing was not an option despite feeling so defeated. I had tried other bar prep programs including Kaplan. I even worked with my law school professors one on one and still could not pass. My scores were all over the place. I would put my life on hold every time and push myself to study until I dropped.  This summer one of my classmates had told me about John and Law Preps. Contacting John was the best decision I ever made.  Even with the short time working with John, I passed. I wish I had contacted him much sooner.  John was able to figure out my flaws and weaknesses with my studying. He was honest and very straight forward. His teaching techniques worked. My older brain was able to understand what he was saying.  He adapted his teaching techniques to work with my old brain   We focused on the subjects I had the hardest time understanding and did a short review of the subjects I did well on. I highly recommend to contact John and Law Preps right away and whether it is your first time or if you have taken the bar exam and failed.”


Passed October 2020 Illinois Bar Exam

“The October 2020 exam was the fifth time I had taken the exam. If I did not pass, I decided I would not try again. Thank goodness I tried LawPreps and worked with John. A friend put me in contact with someone who had taken the course and that someone connected me to John. Taking the LawPreps course is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Unlike the other prep classes, which I had taken 3 of them, John first determined my strengths and weaknesses. He then tailored the course work to what I needed. He not only taught me test taking techniques but he tutored me in the law. There was law that in law school I had never learned or I had learned incorrectly. The Barbri outlines did not help me if my understanding of the law was incorrect. I was just memorizing my wrong interpretation of the law. John streamlined the course work so that I learned what I need to learn to pass the BAR unlike the other BAR prep courses. John used different teaching techniques so that I would develop thinking pathways. Prior to LawPreps I was studying hard but not studying smart. John taught me how to study properly and so that I could pass the BAR. He helped me with my essay writing skills. I am an older student and not a quick typist. John knows what the examiners expect to see in the essays. He had me practice how to write quality, precise essays within my capabilities. John developed a personalized schedule for me and adjusted it as needed. I was not overwhelmed. I worked fulltime and took care of my family responsibilities while staying on task because John sets reasonable goals every week. Lastly, John encouraged me to ask questions and give feedback to his responses and course work. He slowly built my confidence in my mastery of the course work. I needed 12 points to pass and I passed with 24. I cannot say enough about John and LawPreps. I wish I would have taken his course before my first BAR exam but I cannot change the past. I just feel so lucky that I finally did take his course and passed!”


Passed October 2020 Illinois Bar Exam

“Taking the bar exam is no easy task for anyone, let alone when it is not your first, second or even third time. With each time you get a less than ideal answer, you keep asking yourself, “what went wrong?” You shift through all your Barbri books and notes, look at all the tips you find online, take as many practice questions as you can but still, it seems like you’re making the same mistakes. You change your study style in different ways but to no avail. And the most frustrating about the whole process is that each time you get your score, you’re only less than ten points away. It feels like a hurdle you can’t surpass. It becomes painful and annoying having to give the same answer to your loved ones when they ask you about the exam. Having John Ralston sit down with you, look through your past essays and scores, and talk to you about your learning styles as well as your timeline works wonders! He is able to tailor a study schedule that fits your personal needs. He began by asking me to answer a few multiple choice questions with him and give my reasoning behind why I picked each answer. He also did something similar with the essays and MPT portion. Having someone explain to you why what you are doing may not be the best way to go about it is priceless. I learned so much working with John and will forever be thankful to him for helping me pass the exam. I truly, blindly recommend him to anyone seeking to pass the bar. I wish I would have known about him earlier, but it’s always better late than never. Thank you so much, John!”


Passed February 2020 New York Bar Exam

“I took the New York Bar Exam not the first time in February 2020 and I can safely say that John was the reason I passed. When I had taken the Bar Exam before I had used Barbri and I was completely overwhelmed by all of the materials that were provided, by contrast, the materials provided by John were concise, to the point and didn’t leave me overwhelmed. Two friends of mine recommended Law Preps and John to me, one who had received his JD from an ABA law school and one who like me had gotten their law degree outside the U.S. When recommending John  to me, my friends both stated separately that it would be the best decision I would ever make and the best money I ever spent and now after working with John I can safely say that I wholeheartedly agree. John worked around my schedule and was beyond accommodating when two months before the Bar Exam I asked him to reschedule all of our remaining sessions. After covering all of the materials, John tailored our sessions to focus on the aspects of the Bar Exam that I found most difficult, which for me were the essays, while always encouraging me not to forget about the other aspects of the Bar Exam. John’s calm, no nonsense, straight forward teaching style paired with his memorable examples made the information stick in my mind and resulted in me passing the exam. Despite the Bar Exam being extremely difficult, John gave me the confidence and the self belief  required to pass the Bar Exam. I cannot recommend John enough, he was the reason I passed the Bar Exam!!”


Passed February 2020 Illinois Bar Exam

“After Studying for 9 weeks grueling weeks, over the Summer of 2019, using video lectures, flashcards, and an array of other commercial bar prep materials, I came up 10 points short of passing. I was absolutely devastated that I studied for so long only to come up so short. Luckily, I was able to secure a job but when it came to studying for the February 2020 Bar exam, my firm allowed me 6 weeks off to study. I contacted John Ralston at LawPreps and he made me feel that it was definitely doable to obtain a passing score in that time frame. John created a lesson plan based on my weaknesses and time and answered every question that I had. John helped me thoroughly prepare by using understandable techniques and examples to answering questions. Fast Forward and I improved by 20 points and most importantly passed the BAR! I thank John for his tutoring and guidance and recommend him to anyone who is willing to put in the work but needs that extra push to pass.”


Passed February 2020 Illinois Bar Exam

“Being a repeat bar taker, I knew the biggest thing I needed the second time taking the bar was confidence, and John gave me just that! John pulled the knowledge I already already had and helped me apply it in a way that helped me pass my second time. He made sure I understood every concept before moving on to the next topic, and gave me a structured schedule that was easy to follow and worked for me. I went up 12 points, and that is in no small part thanks to John’s help.”


Passed July 2019 Illinois Bar Exam

“I honestly believe that if it were not for Law Preps and John’s help, I would not have passed the bar exam. I took the Illinois bar exam twice before reaching out to John for help, and I would not have wasted my money with Barbri had I known about John sooner. John spent time reviewing my prior scores and essays in order to tailor a very specific and personalized study plan based on my needs. Unlike commercial bar exam prep courses, John will spend extra time in the areas YOU are struggling with. I cannot stress how important it was to me to have a personalized study plan that centered around the areas in which I needed the most help in. Don’t get me wrong- every area of the bar exam was covered (even those you excel in). However, what stood out to me the most, and the reason I would recommend John to every person studying for the bar exam, is that John will center his tutoring around YOUR needs. The study materials and resources you have access to with John are more manageable, beneficial, and way less overwhelming than the thousands of pages Barbri provides you with. On top of it all, John is extremely nice, easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and takes his time to understand you as a student in order to provide you with the skills you need to pass. The bottom line is very simple: If you want to pass the bar exam, John is your guy.”


Passed July 2019 Illinois Bar Exam

“I always excelled in writing and English courses throughout grammar school, high school, undergrad, etc. Law school and legal writing were quite different for me. My 1L finals were mostly essays, and I started 2L with a GPA of below 3.0, which was unheard of for me. I never met with professors after exams, so I can only blame myself for never actually understanding what professors (and then the bar exam graders) were actually looking for. Fast forward to May 2018, and I began studying for the Illinois bar exam…for the first time. I used a commercial bar prep course, and similar to law school, never spoke to the graders to actually understand what I was missing. How was I going to memorize all of this material? I barely understood it my 1L year, how can I relearn it all in two months? I did what I thought was right (and I know now, was so obviously wrong), I focused more on memorizing the material, instead of applying what I knew in a way the graders would understand and give me credit for. I didn’t pass the bar exam on my first attempt. I missed the passing score by over thirty points. I met with the bar passage strategies professor from my law school shortly after finding out I didn’t pass the first time. She made a schedule for me and advised that I stick to the schedule and use the same commercial bar prep course I used the first time as a supplement to the schedule she prepared for me. She also recommended John Ralston and LawPreps, but I didn’t think I would be able to afford Law Preps’ services. I regret not contacting John after my first attempt. April 1, 2019, I found out I didn’t pass the bar exam for the second time. I missed the passing score by 4 points. I felt defeated, upset and frustrated. I felt like giving up. I felt that maybe I wasn’t meant to be an attorney after all. I thought that I could use my degree and become a professor, instead of the attorney that I was destined to become. I heard that the pass rate drops significantly after you have failed the bar exam, and drops even more after each failed attempt. I honestly didn’t think I could ever pass the bar exam.  Fortunately, I formed a close bond with one of the directors from my law school. From the very first time I met her, she saw the resilience and determination in me, and she encouraged me to make the best out of my law school experience, beyond the academia. I felt so embarrassed to tell her that I didn’t pass… again. She motivated me and told me that this was my dream, and I could never give up on my dream. She also recommended John Ralston and LawPreps. I was not going to fail again. I immediately contacted John. I worked extra shifts and borrowed money from family to afford LawPreps.  I know law school pushes students to use commercial bar prep courses, especially for first time takers. Looking back, I wish I would have only used LawPreps for my first attempt. John started off each tutoring session asking how my week/weekend was. John didn’t just rush into the session without forming a personal connection with me first, and I genuinely appreciated that, especially in one of the worst times of my life.  John taught me so much in three months, but I’ll only list a few here. John not only taught me legal writing and how to use process of elimination in MBE questions (after taking the bar exam three times, there are definitely “tricks” in MBE questions, although the graders may say otherwise), John taught me how to relieve stress, ways to wind down after a long day of studying and how to sleep better.  October 1, 2019 was one of the best days of my life. I passed the Illinois bar exam! I passed the bar exam by more than thirty points. Words cannot describe the way I felt at that moment. I felt joy, success and excitement. I was grateful to myself for not giving up and to John for believing in me, when I didn’t even really believe in myself anymore. John was one of the first people I texted to let him know I passed.  To those of you who are hesitant to purchase LawPreps, do it. Purchasing LawPreps was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My only regret is that I did not contact John sooner. John changed my life, and I am so grateful to him and LawPreps. To those of you who feel defeated and wanting to give up, push forward. Studying for the bar exam is only a moment in time, and you will get through it on the other side! Do not give up on yourself and your dreams. Good luck!”  


Passed February 2019 Illinois Bar Exam

“I studied a lot for the bar exam the first time I took it. I was devastated when I found out I failed. A friend gave me John’s name and I know that he is the reason that I passed the second time. With John, I studied fewer hours than I did with BARBRI. But, I studied smarter. He doesn’t give you thousands of pages of information. He doesn’t tell you that you have to know every single law out there. John condenses what seems to be an overwhelming amount of material into very manageable outlines, using clear examples throughout, almost all of which ended up being so similar to actual questions I saw on my bar exam. John takes such a practical approach to the test and helps put so many of these abstract laws into real world, comprehensible scenarios. If you listen to him, stay focused, and ask him all of your questions, you will be just fine.”


Passed February 2019 Illinois Bar Exam

“Law Preps is what you need to pass the bar exam! A friend recommended John after I failed the July 2018 exam and I am beyond grateful to her & John. The first time around, I was overwhelmed and anxiety-filled with Barbri and the exam. I felt like I couldn’t keep up with the videos and homework. John’s schedule was straight-forward and simple. He even modified it when I fell behind. I knew exactly what I needed to focus on. While studying for the July 2018 exam, I didn’t know what book to study from! John’s outlines are AMAZING. When I took the February bar exam, I felt so prepared that after the first exam day, I went home, had dinner and watched a movie to relax. A movie! July 2018 me was a zombie trying to go through as many books as I could for the next day. This year, I walked out of Exam Day #1 in disbelief. I wasn’t even sure how to feel. I felt…suspiciously, TOO confident. John knew I struggled with my essays so he recommended I do as many essays as I could and I believe that’s why I felt like a rockstar on the essay portion. Also, as I wrote my essays, all I could here in my head was John’s voice saying, “where is the because” in this sentence?! 😉 As for the MBE, the way John worked through MBE questions with me is just what I needed to actually understand how to answer them correctly. He takes the time to explain any and all questions. Thanks again John! :)”


Passed February 2019 Illinois Bar Exam

“Working with John was instrumental in my passing the bar exam. His ability to distill and then convey the daunting amount of information we need to know in order to pass cannot be over stated. John’s approach to preparing for the test gave me the competence and confidence I needed in order to succeed. While preparing for the bar is never an easy experience, John made it so that I was never overwhelmed but still able to increase my practice scores dramatically as well as retain the necessary information. I cannot say enough good things about working with him. If you want to pass the bar exam, John will get you there.”


Passed February 2019 Illinois Bar Exam

“Receiving results for the July 2018 bar exam was one of the lowest moments in my life. To prepare for this bar, I used Barbri, Critical Pass Cards, Adaptibar, and even some Themis questions from my friends. I would cycle through these study materials daily and honestly would work from 9pm to maybe 10pm daily. I worked so hard to memorize the black letter law and did a ton of multiple choice questions. When results were released, my score showed that I did not pass by a SIGNIFICANT (double digit) margin which made the blow to my confidence even worse. My mental was terrible and I realized that working hard did not equate to passing the bar. I could not repeat the same course and expect a different result which is why I chose John. John first helped me rebuild my confidence and tailored his tutoring style to my personality and learning process. Initially, it was hard to trust the process because his style was so straight-forward and precise. He narrowed my focus and taught me strategy rather than the focusing on some archaic concept that has only been tested twice on the bar. He simplified my comprehension of certain topics and even listened to my reasons why the bar was a stupid test. I walked out of the bar thinking I passed which is contradictory of how people say you should feel. Receiving results on April 1 was literally the best feeling ever and I will never forget that moment of failure compared to now. John is a great tutor and even better friend. He taught me to put the bar into perspective of life which can be forgotten during the process. The peace of mind he offers is worth every dollar and more!”


Passed February 2019 Illinois Bar Exam

“It was because of John’s support and guidance that I was successful on passing the Bar exam on my fourth attempt.  John is very patient and encouraging which was important for my confidence while studying for the fourth time. He was excellent at finding gaps in my understanding of the law and helping me strengthen my weaknesses. John developed a study plan based on my needs and personal schedule, which made the weeks leading up to the exam less stressful.  John truly cares about his students and he will strategically guide you every step of the way. I was more than twenty points away from passing, but John provided a clear and detailed plan which lead me to achieve a successful result. If you are struggling please consider hiring John as your tutor, it will be a worthwhile investment.”


Passed February 2019 Illinois Bar Exam

“When I reached out to John last November my hopes to pass the bar exam were very low. I decided that the February bar exam will be the last attempt ever and if I fail again I should probably pursue a different career. But with John’s help I can practice law now! John reviewed my previous bar exam answers, and pointed out to all mistakes I made. He was honest when he estimated my abilities and gave me hope. He created a schedule tailored around my needs with instructions on how much time I should spend on studying and practicing. All of his advices and studying methods were very helpful! I didn’t feel overstudied like I did during my last bar preparation. I followed John’s instructions to the best of my ability and I passed. I definitely will recommend Law Preps to all my fellow law students because Law Preps is not like any other major bar prep course, it is better!”


Passed July 2018 Illinois Bar Exam

“Meeting with John while studying for the bar was probably the only thing that I enjoyed about the process. I left our meetings feeling knowledgeable on every subject that we discussed. If I had a tough time understanding areas of the law, John cleared up the confusion. John pushed me to the limit. He made certain that I left every session feeling confident in my ability to pass the bar. I’m so glad that I hired John as my tutor. I graduated law school in May, took the July bar, and passed. Thank you John for assisting me with giving that exam the best that I’ve got. #OneAndDone.”


Passed the February 2018 Illinois Bar Exam

“John is an amazing tutor, especially if you’re working a demanding full-time job during bar prep! He’s incredible, and here’s why:
(1)  He will quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses. You don’t have to like the bar exam, but you can’t be afraid of it if you want to pass. Working with John will give you the practice, understanding, and confidence that you need to pass the exam. You will likely be nervous before the exam, but you won’t be afraid of it—especially when you read that first essay on the exam and know exactly where to go with it.
(2)  He doesn’t just explain the law, he teaches you how to take the exam. If I didn’t know better, I’d say John grades the IL bar exam himself. He knows exactly what the examiners expect to see, and he will do everything he can until your work conforms to their expectations. He will explain a concept until you understand it and give you helpful tips. For example, John gave me an exam tip that proved to be GOLD when I got to the exam, and I swear it helped me pass. I’m a terrible test taker, but I was pretty sure I passed when I left the bar exam after working with John, and that’s a level of confidence I wasn’t used to.
(3)  He keeps it simple, and makes bar prep fun. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the complexity of the subject matter and the amount of work it takes to prepare for the exam, but you won’t experience that with John. John’s bottom-line attitude will help you learn the right material, his honesty will keep you focused, and his humor will make the process far less boring than you might be used to. His outlines are very easy to understand, his explanations are concise, and his examples will help you recognize certain patterns (which is important).
(4)  He will save you a lot of time. John will make a custom study schedule for you that will outline what you need to do with the limited time you have. (I say “limited time” because I was working full-time job during bar prep.) John will remind you (and prove) that there is enough time. Stick to the schedule that he gives you, and take his advice seriously. You’ll see that there is enough time to prepare, regardless of other demands.
(5) Working with John will help manage your stress. You won’t be as stressed out because you’ll have someone to keep you on track. You won’t have to waste time and energy trying to learn confusing concepts. If you don’t understand something, ask him. If you fall behind on your assignments, tell him; he will adjust your schedule if necessary. He makes bar prep as easy as it can possibly be. Don’t get me wrong, you have to do your part and work hard, but the point is that you will be able to with his help.   The list could honestly go on, but I need to prepare for a deposition. Just know without a doubt, bar prep will be a better experience if you hire John than it will be without him—especially when you learn that you passed the bar :)”


Passed February 2018 Illinois Bar Exam

“I had a great experience with Law Preps and John as my tutor! I was able to figure out – with Johns help – what I was doing wrong the first time around. His recommendations were on point regarding how much time study each subject, which subjects were more important than others, and how to answer and critically think my way through the essays and multiple choice questions. Not everyone can succeed with a commercial program (like Barbri), but I feel like anyone can succeed with a personalized program like Law Preps! I highly recommend spending the extra money and hiring Law Preps to make sure you PASS the Bar – it’s worth it!”


Passed February 2018 Illinois Bar Exam

“Working with John was the best decision I have ever made. Not only did he personalize my schedule to address particular areas of need, but he instilled in me a level of confidence that I had struggled with in the past when it came to test-taking. It was no longer a matter of if I pass, but rather, that I could and I would pass the Bar Exam. John’s method is phenomenal in that it is concise and manageable without being overwhelming. Simply put, his method just makes sense. John is truly the golden ticket to Bar Exam success.”


Passed February 2018 Illinois Bar Exam

“In July of 2017 I took the Illinois Bar exam.  I had high hopes because I felt I had done the necessary work to pass.  I did not pass and it was a big blow to what I thought I was capable of.  I started to study almost immediately, however I knew I had to do something different.  I decided to not take the Barbri review course again; instead I decided to try to find a tutor so I could work one on one for the subjects that were difficult for me.  I found John through a friend as well as a recommendation by my school. I have always found multiple choice to be a difficult form of testing. However, John worked really hard to help me better identify what was important info and what was misleading info.  I really do think I was able to pass this second time around, due to his help on multiple choice. He created a study schedule for me to follow for a couple months every day until the day of the test; which was a great help. He is exactly what a great teacher needs to be, patient and has the ability to explain a single thing from different perspectives.”


Passed February 2018 Illinois Bar Exam

“I highly recommend the Law Preps because the course is designed to focus on the most important material. I particularly recommend John Ralston who was a excellent teacher. He knew how to teach each subject area effectively and efficiently so that I got what I needed to know. I previously used Themis which required me to study for 9 hours almost every day. With John, we cover more material in far less time. I highly recommend John and Law Preps!”


Passed February 2018 Illinois Bar Exam

“Being a foreign student, English is not my first language, so studying for the bar was very difficult.  The first time I took the exam, I used a traditional commercial course and ended up scoring very low on the exam.  However, on my second attempt, I worked with John, and passed! John was able to help me figure out how to effectively study and achieve a more precise understanding of the law, while not overwhelming me with assignments.  I cannot find enough words to express my appreciation for all of the work John did for me!”


Passed February 2018 Illinois Bar Exam

“John is fantastic. I am a natural skeptic and almost never provide online reviews or testimonials, but John was far too impactful on my passing the bar exam for me not to share his effectiveness with others. The vast majority of you who are reading this were likely crushed, mentally and emotionally, when, like myself, you failed the bar exam. John has the skills and emotional intelligence to understand your current state of mind and motivate you to properly prepare for the exam. I used Barbri to study for my first attempt- I found its study plan to be unnecessarily burdensome and not reasonably tailored to prepare for the exam itself. Enrolling with John was a breath of fresh air, as he provided an amazingly practical approach to bar exam preparation. Nerves aside, I passed on my second attempt and owe it all to John. He is well worth the cost- I cannot recommend him enough.”


Passed February 2018 Illinois Bar Exam

“I took the bar exam in July 2017 for the first time, using BARBRI as my prep course. When I read the letter that I failed, I became absolutely devastated, given all the amount of work I had put in. While I was studying hard, I was not studying effectively. After pondering over a variety of options, and per the advice of my career counselor, I ultimately concluded that John and his program would be the best option for me as a repeat taker. John Ralston’s approach, personalized study plan, and continual support installed into me a level of confidence that was critical to my mental well-being going into February Illinois bar exam. I ultimately passed and I owe it all to John.”


Passed February 2018 Illinois Bar Exam

“Upon hearing that I had failed the Illinois July exam I was in a very rough spot. A family friend recommended John as an alternative to the commercial bar prep route. That recommendation will forever make a difference in my life. Over the summer Barbri failed to identify my weakness and pin point the areas where I needed to improve, however with John that was not the case. Working at a big firm I was working well over 50 hours a week while also studying with John. John was able to improve my weaknesses and make my strengths even stronger. The other great thing about John is that he is honest and upfront about where your progress is at which enables you to study smarter and more efficiently. There are honestly too many good things to say about John so I will leave with this, if you want to pass the bar hire John as your tutor.”


Passed July 2017 Illinois Bar Exam

“John Ralston and Law Preps was the best decision I made when it came to passing the Illinois Bar Exam.  As a repeat taker, I was very stressed out about not being able to pass. The first time around I used BarBri, which stressed me out beyond belief.  I studied my butt off with BarBri and failed. John was able to personalize a study plan for me that literally changed my life. He identified my weaknesses and strengths and focused on my weaknesses, but did not forget about my strengths.  Studying with John versus studying with BarBri was a night and day experience. I was able to actually learn the material instead of focusing on a timeline that I had to meet. John’s method for tackling the bar exam, especially the MBE, is incredible. He truly puts in the time and cares about his students.  I truly couldn’t have passed the bar exam without John. I will definitely be using John’s services for any future bar exam I will be taking. If you are a repeat taker or have really bad testing anxiety, invest in Law Preps!”


Passed July 2017 Illinois Bar Exam

“When I was looking for a tutor for the Illinois Bar I asked a few friends from law school and John came highly recommended. After our first session, I saw significant improvement on my MBE practice scores, which was really encouraging. John changed my approach to studying by teaching me how to ask the right questions and get the most out of my study time. He also helped me improve my analysis on essay questions. When test day came, I was no longer second guessing myself with the MBE and had way more confidence in my ability to pass the bar. I am so glad I worked with John and would recommend him to anyone.”


Passed July 2017 Illinois Bar Exam

“I did very well in law school, but I have never been good at standardized tests.  Unfortunately, I was an unsuccessful first-time bar exam taker in February 2017. I missed by a few points, but I knew I needed help to pass on my second try.  I reached out to my mentor and to my law school to see if they had suggestions for a tutor, and they both provided me the same name – John Ralston. It’s because John’s approach works.  In February 2017 I used a well-known bar exam prep course and routinely performed below average on practice tests. In July 2017, using John’s approach, I was consistently performing above average on practice tests.  His outlines are excellent! The weekly 2 hour tutoring session allows you to walk through heavily tested topics and to get help on areas where you are still struggling. I was nervous the day results were posted, but when the email came in I passed. I would not have passed without John’s help!”


Passed July 2017 Indiana Bar Exam

“Before I met John I was absolutely convinced that I could not pass the Indiana bar exam. I had taken it four times before and just thought it was not in the cards for me, however, as soon as I started working with John I noticed a huge difference in my confidence levels as well as my knowledge base.  Our weekly meetings were definitely challenging but were worth it. His comprehensive approach to the subjects, paired with many multiple-choice questions did the trick…I am a licensed attorney in Indiana and I owe much of it to John! To anyone that is on the fence about tutoring….JUST DO IT…you will not be disappointed!”


Passed July 2017 Illinois Bar Exam

“Working with John Ralston undoubtedly gave me the confidence boost I needed to pass the Illinois bar exam on my first try. My tutoring sessions with John were just what I needed to connect the dots and really get a good grasp on the core MBE subjects. Prior to reaching out to John, I had found myself getting weighed down by the stress and anxiety of the bar exam. John was able to help me overcome this anxiety by tailoring our sessions to meet my specific needs and gave me the reassurance that I personally needed going into the exam. I would absolutely recommend John Ralston to any Bar examinee – even a first-time exam taker like myself!”


Passed July 2017 Illinois Bar Exam

“When you first study for the bar exam, most people will tell you to just do what Barbri tells you to do and you’ll be fine. I did everything Barbri told me to do, worked my butt off and did not pass the bar exam. I knew that if I took Barbri again I was running the risk of failing a second time, especially because this time I would need to study while working a full time job. I needed to find the best way to approach the exam that would give me the best opportunity to be successful. A friend had referred John to me based on her own experience with him and highly highly recommended I work with him so I signed up. Studying with John and his program versus studying with a commercial bar course are basically incomparable. With Barbri I was constantly overwhelmed, felt I was not retaining anything of substance, all over the place with practice questions and left the actual bar exam feeling like the past 2 months of studying did nothing to prepare me for that test. With John, I felt very focused and relaxed, yes relaxed. His program does not overwhelm you with a giant box of books and endless homework but instead condensed outlines that help you learn what you actually need to know and a very manageable study schedule. Our sessions were extremely personalized and John taught me so many things I thought were absolutely essential for tackling the MBE. Sure enough my practice scores began to increase and I walked out of the exam actually feeling like I was well prepared for what they threw at us and I passed! If you are in a position of having to retake the exam, save yourself the stress and go with John. Passing the bar gave me the biggest relief, and I am so happy.Thank you John!”


Passed February 2017 Illinois Bar Exam

“After an unsuccessful first attempt at passing the Illinois bar exam with a commercial prep course I knew I had to shake things up and do something completely different the second time around. After doing some research I came across John and Law Preps and decided hiring a tutor would be the best plan of attack for me. Hiring John was the best decision I ever made. His program and study schedule is tailored to each students unique and individual needs and he is always available whenever you have questions or concerns. While working with John, I found that having someone help coach you and give you guidance throughout the grueling study process is much better than going through it all alone. I firmly believe that I could not have passed the exam the second time around without John and Law Preps  If you struck out at your first attempt taking the exam you should definitely hire John because he will help make sure you conquer the test the next time!!”


Passed February 2017 Illinois Bar Exam

“I am the lucky one who passed the bar exam on my second attempt. But I likely would not have done it without help from John.  I owe him forever. In fact his program is priceless! John helped me to stay focused, encouraged me when I needed it, eased my work with his detailed outlines, and helped me concentrate on the most commonly tested rules. He knew before I did all of my weak areas. He also improved my confidence. On the day of the exam I felt that I was ready to beat it.  In fact, thanks to John I have finally learned how to write essays and the MPT. I am confident that I would not do as well as I did without his help. I am only regret that I did not find him before I took my first bar. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Law Preps! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


Passed February 2017 Illinois Bar Exam

“John Ralston and Law Preps are some of the best thing to have happened to my legal career. I failed the bar exam in July, and was in despair. I took Barbri the first time, and it was a less than satisfying experience. I was overwhelmed, anxious, and felt like I was retaining nothing. Enter John. John provided me with a personalized study schedule and personalized tutoring sessions, and most of all he taught me that this exam is just that, AN EXAM. And there is a way to beat it – efficiently and effectively. No more 12 hour study days. No more staring at the pages endlessly. Just a little self-confidence, and a whollllle lot of John’s lessons. John truly encouraged me to take the take to get to know the material and broke down every aspect of the exam to be relatable and simple. He identified my strengths and weaknesses, and organized my lessons around them. His outlines were concise and highlighted all the necessary information. Within a couple weeks of his lessons, I was testing better than I had EVER tested with Barbri. I walked into the February Bar Exam feeling ready and proud, and walked out knowing I had passed. None of that would have been possible without John. Look no further, John is your one stop shop for bar exam success!”


Passed February 2017 Illinois Bar Exam

“Enrolling with John Ralston and Law Preps is one of the best things I have ever done for myself professionally.  I was a fourth time taker this past February, and had literally lost all hope in passing the Illinois Bar Exam. I had tried everything – Barbri, Themis twice, and nothing worked for me.The fourth time around, I was working a very rigorous job in a faraway state, and had no clue how I was going to even begin tackling this exam once again, or if it was even worth my efforts anymore.  I was absolutely burnt out, as I had given it just about all I had in me the past three times. This time around I had even more obstacles to overcome while studying for the exam. However, a friend recommended John Ralston, and this literally changed everything. John not only gave me an incredibly personalized study schedule and personalized tutoring sessions, but he instilled hope in me.  His methods of tackling the bar exam are like nothing I have ever seen before. He breaks down every aspect of the exam to an extremely personal, relatable level. He identified my weaknesses and strengths, and helped me polish my test taking skills. He knows exactly what areas to highlight, and what concepts to focus on in order for a test taker to be successful. His outlines are extremely clear, concise, and to the point.  He identified the specific ways in which I personally retain information best, and really connected with my thought process. Unlike commercial bar review courses, studying with John was different. I was genuinely learning the material, rather than focusing on numbers to hit. The past three times I had taken this exam, I was nowhere near passing territory walking into the exam despite living in Chicago, having all the Barbri and themis resources at my fingertips, not having a job, and devoting myself full time to studying.  This time around (my fourth time), I had a demanding full time job, in which I was working 60+ hours per week, and I was living halfway across the country. Walking into the exam this past February, I was passing my practice exams with flying colors. I attribute every ounce of my success to John’s detailed program, and his commitment to my passing. He truly cares a lot about his students. Without his instruction, I absolutely could not have done this – and I mean that very sincerely. To those out there feeling helpless, this investment could be your saving grace.”


Passed February 2017 Illinois Bar Exam

“I firmly believe I would not have passed the February 2017 Illinois Bar Exam on my second attempt without John’s encouragement and guidance. John sincerely cared about my success and was always available to answer questions and provide insight to me during my study process. The method behind the Law Preps program is easy to understand and makes you feel genuinely prepared come test day. If you are a repeat-taker, take Law Preps.”


Passed February 2017 Illinois Bar Exam

“After failing two bar exams I decided to give it one final try. My professor got me in touch with John from Law Preps and I signed up for tutoring. It was one of the best decisions I have made. After following barbri step by step I still was not seeing results and did not know why. John was able to identify the areas I needed help with and created a study program around me and my needs. In the months he worked with me, I was able to get the tools and confidence I needed to pass the exam. I quickly saw improvements in my practice test scores and felt a better understanding of the law. His method of teaching really helped me understand some of the more difficult and complex areas of law. He was very patient and explained concepts to me in ways which I could understand and build upon. I never thought in a million years I would understand property law, however, it soon became one of my stronger subjects, when John helped me break it down into concepts I could understand. When I took my last exam, I felt more confident and prepared. I would recommend John and Law Preps to anyone taking the exam. I could not have done it without their help!”


Passed July 2015 Illinois Bar Exam and July 2016 New York Bar Exam

“John was the most important factor in helping me pass the bar exam. If I have to take another bar exam, I would not think twice about enrolling in his program. He has a structured program that covers all the material and his worksheets cover the concepts most frequently tested in the exam. He was always available to answer dumb questions and corrected many misconceptions. His program helped me understand how much preparation was required to pass. Above all, John helped me overcome the disappointment of my prior failures by constantly motivating me and keeping me on schedule with my preparations. I cannot be more grateful to him for helping me pass the bar exam.”


Passed February 2016 Illinois Bar Exam

“Before I met John, I seriously thought that the bar exam was not passable after failing the Illinois bar twice. I have tried different programs that ended up not working. John’s approach is simple and intuitive. Once I applied it, I felt like I had become more efficient where I still had more than enough time in the day to still work full time and be able to have a personal life.  Going into the bar exam, I felt more confident than the previous two times since the instructions given to me was tailored to exactly what they asked on the bar exam. In the end, I wish I had gone through this program the first time. John was with me every step of the way even when I doubted myself. As a result of this program, I can now start the next chapter of my life. I could not have done it without John’s help.”


Passed February 2016 Illinois Bar Exam

“Deciding on the best way to study for the bar can be almost as stressful as the exam itself; especially for the second time. As a student who chose the first go-around, I knew I needed to change my approach. After reading testimonials and speaking to fellow students who had also sought help from a tutor, I decided to go with Law Preps. What sets Law Preps apart from my experience at is the amount of information provided and the methodology to tackling the exam itself. I feel that Law Preps helped me manage the large amount of information on the exam, and tailored my experience to focusing on exactly where I needed the most help to pass. I felt defeated after failing the Illinois bar exam. However, after a few months with John at Law Preps I went into my second attempt with confidence, and left knowing I had passed. This was a rewarding feeling I had not experienced in my previous attempt. For those students, like me, who rely on testimonials such as this in making their decision on how to tackle the bar, I cannot give a higher praise to Law Preps and can say I am extremely satisfied with my decision.”


Passed February 2016 Wisconsin Bar Exam

“Not passing one bar exam is a blow to the ego as anyone who attends any higher education is more than likely a tiny (read: A LOT) bit Type A. You work hard and ultimately see those results; be it in high school getting on a varsity sport, getting into the college of your choice, Dean’s List, getting the LSAT score needed to get into law school and ultimately graduating! Ok, so you didn’t pass – you re-group and try again. “You’ll get it next time,” supportive family and friends say! …Not passing a second bar exam is utter disbelief and not passing the third exam is unimaginable and debilitating. Enter John and Law Preps! I know, with utmost certainty, that there is no way I would have passed this time around, let alone to have the restored confidence to make it through round 4 of studying. I am beyond grateful to John’s guidance and look forward to making my mark in the legal world now that this exam is in my past. Thank you John and Law Preps!”


Passed February 2016 Illinois Bar Exam

“Working with John and Law Preps gave me the confidence needed to pass the Illinois Bar Exam that attempted to give me the first time I took the exam.  After diligently following the method provided for the July exam, the shock and disappointment of needing to retake in February was an incredibly hard pill to swallow.  Luckily, John came very highly recommended and he certainly did not disappoint. John and I spent the 10 weeks leading up to the exam refining the skills and tools necessary to pass the exam, discussing how to overcome my personal weaknesses in specific subject areas and examining how to approach each MBE and essay question.  John’s ability to customize our routine based on my study needs was absolutely key to a successful outcome. We were a team for that 10 weeks, and John really pushed me to become as best prepared as I could be for the February exam – going over MBE questions I didn’t understand, walking me through my frustration with certain subject areas, making sure I was comfortable with areas that had previously proven difficult for me. He offered his consistent support throughout our study period, and I will be forever indebted to John for his invaluable insight and guidance.  If you want to leave the Bar Exam knowing you passed, work with John – you won’t regret it!”


Passed February 2016 Illinois Bar Exam

“In July 2015, I took the bar exam with high expectations of passing the first time. When I read the letter that I failed the July 2015 bar exam, my career plan took a step back.  My first thought about approaching the test again was to take the repeat course because it was free. However, one of my professors had suggested Law Preps because a former student highly recommended the program.  I ultimately decided to try the program and I’m very happy that I did, because when April 1st arrived, I received news that I passed! If I have to take the test in a different state, hands down I would go with Law Preps. Law Preps installed into me a level of confidence that was critical to my mindset going into the exam.”


Passed February 2016 Illinois Bar Exam

“I’ve never done well on standardized exams in my past but was in complete shock and disbelief after failing the July 2015 Illinois Bar Exam. I’ve never failed at something this big before. I’ve also never studied harder for an exam in my entire life which is why I felt totally defeated. I knew I needed more help. I needed one on one attention that I couldn’t get through my commercial bar review course. John Ralston was there for my every need as a private tutor and provided me with a solid personalized study plan focused on conquering my weaknesses. He pushed me to reach my potential and gave me the confidence I needed to accomplish my goal of passing the Illinois Bar Exam. John has a great personality that is relatable to anyone which makes him enjoyable to work with.”


Passed February 2015 Illinois Bar Exam

“I took the Illinois bar exam in July of 2014 and failed by 19 points.  I was at my lowest and did not know how to approach the bar exam a second time.  I initially took a well-known bar prep course that did not fit my needs. I spoke to a friend who did pass and she referred me to a friend of hers who took Law Preps and passed.  I immediately called and signed up and had John as my tutor. Law Preps is what I needed to help me pass the bar. John works with you and designs a study schedule to fit your needs. I cannot express how happy I am I made the investment and truly wish I did it the first time I took the bar. John listens to you and pushes you to work hard. When I received my email I was beyond happy and knew it was because of Law Preps! So thank you Law Preps especially John I could not have done it without you!”


Passed February 2015 Illinois Bar Exam

“I can honestly say that John Ralston and Law Preps was the best decision i made in order to help me be successful on the IL February ’15 Bar Exam. Unfortunately, i was unsuccessful the first time i took the IL Bar exam in July “14. Even though i took  and studied my ass off i was still unsuccessful, so i told myself i needed to do something different to really give myself the best opportunity to be successful the second time around. That something different was having John Ralston as my tutor. By partnering up with John and his company, Law Preps, i was given the confidence and knowledge that i lacked the first time in order to be successful on the February ’15 Bar exam. I would absolutely recommend that any bar examinee who is either taking the bar exam for the first time, second time or third time to give John and Law Preps a call because it will be the best money spent! Thanks again John Ralston for helping me accomplish my life long goal of becoming a licensed Attorney!”


Passed February 2015 Illinois Bar Exam

“I was very disappointed after finding out I had failed again. I had debated whether to take the exam again or just move on. However, I signed up for the bar again, and I had called and signed up with John. I still felt I was unable to pass the bar, and that would fail again. I was very discouraged and unmotivated. John helped lift my spirits and encouraged me every time we met. He looked into my previous scores, analyzed essays and multiple choice questions I had done. He told me what I could do better, and what areas to focus on. The whole process was customized to me, and it felt great! I didn’t have to worry about what I should do differently this time or what I should focus on more. I am so beyond happy that John motivated me to give it all I got and go for it, and for helping me the whole way. Passing the bar gave me the biggest relief, and I am so happy, and grateful. Thanks again John!”


Passed February 2015 Illinois Bar Exam

“Hiring John as my bar exam tutor was one of the smartest and most strategic decisions I ever made. I knew this even before I received my results for the February 2015 Bar Exam.  After two unsuccessful attempts where I stopped just shy of the passing mark, I knew I needed to do something differently on my third try. I talked to my closest mentors about next steps, and one of them (who happened to be a senior administrator at a law school) recommended John without one molecule of reservation.Even before John and I started 1-on-1 sessions, I began to understand why he enjoyed an enduring reputation. Right away he began doing the important work of trust building, confidence building, and strategic planning. He had reviewed my score reports, and made sure I was well prepared for the essay inspection session. He had designed a realistic study regimen around my schedule and availability. He returned my calls and emails, kept his promises, and provided me with reliable study materials/aids. But his real value came in our weekly meetings. We talked through every practice question with relentless aim. He made me explain why an answer was right or wrong, and even changed the facts in real time to make sure my understanding was solid.  I found John to be an excellent teacher and coach. As a tutor, John brought a very collegial and laid back demeanor to our sessions–one that he complemented with an untouchable command of black letter law; a mastery of the law’s most subtle nuances; and an invaluable ability to make the difficult look easy. He seamlessly distilled complicated legal rules and demystified the ways bar examiners test particular concepts. His level of preparation and sharpness motivated me to be extra prepared for each one of our 1-on-1 sessions, and I was able to consistently follow the study schedule without falling behind. Further, John proved to be a superior strategist. He made sure that I walked into the exam having had plenty of practice under timed conditions. He taught me how to best manage my time, maximize points on an essay/MPT, spot the right answer for an MBE question, and harness my anxiety. He ensured that I went into the exam with a plan and a very clear head. Unsurprisingly, throughout the exam, I was confident, focused, and felt that I could handle anything the bar examiners threw at me. As it turns out, not only did I pass, but my MBE score was high enough to waive in to both DC and Minnesota.  I could not have done it without John. I enthusiastically recommend John to anyone who may be struggling with the exam. He is fantastic and is invested in those he tutors. Above all else, he is extremely effective.”


Passed February 2015 Illinois Bar Exam

“Thank you.  I would not have passed without you or your system.  After failing the bar I knew that I needed to change my approach as to how I would study.  I struggled with essays, scoring in the bottom 1% the first time around. John helped me identify the areas that I was struggling with, and laid out exactly how to construct a great essay.  Further he showed me how approach the multiple choice questions confidently. John is the type of person who has a direct approach. He will not hesitate to tell you if you are not where you need to be and will make sure you get to where you need to be.  Enroll in Law Preps and see for yourself.”


Passed February 2015 Colorado Bar Exam

“Coming from a repeat taker, with a job and at best four hours a night to study, John is the best investment I ever made. I learned twice as much in two hours a week with John than I did in 20 hours of studying on my own. John knows the time constraints involved with working, studying and still having a personal life. I am grateful to say that I passed with flying colors with the help of John and his program. Thanks John for all your hard work.”


Passed July 2014 Illinois Bar Exam

“It took me three times to pass the IL Bar Exam.  During my first two attempts, I studied alone and used an online course.  I honestly felt like I was by myself and had no one to communicate with. This is why I turned to Law Preps the third time around.  John is a great tutor and created a study plan tailored to my strengths. He got me thinking in a totally different way and gave me the confidence I needed to pass.  It was great to have someone I could talk things out with if I was confused or needed extra clarification. Law Preps gave me the confidence and skill set needed to finally pass the IL Bar Exam.  For that I am eternally grateful.”


Passed July 2014 Florida Bar Exam

“Without John and the Law Preps program, I know I would be sitting for the Florida Bar for a sixth time.  Prior to using Law Preps, I had used a different online tutor from a commercial program with the same results—failure.  I was extremely weary of enrolling into another virtual tutoring program due to my prior experience being generic and impersonal.  After reviewing several local and online tutorial programs, I knew Law Preps was the program that would lead me to success.  After the initial consultation, John created a personalized study schedule that fit MY needs and weaknesses.  During each session, John continuously challenged me in applying the law and not to memorize just for the sake of memorization.  If it weren’t for John pushing me to explain my thought process and my answers, I would have continued to make the same mistakes and most likely fail the Bar exam again.  John taught me invaluable techniques of how to approach each question, answer choice and essay.  With each session, I felt more prepared and gained more confidence in myself—a feeling that I hadn’t felt in a long time.  Even though most of the Bar takers using the Law Preps Program are taking the Illinois Bar, I highly recommend John Ralston and Law Preps regardless of what state bar exam you are taking.  Thank you for everything, John.”


Passed Feburary 2014 Illinois Bar Exam

“After the disappointment of not passing the July bar exam began to wear off, I knew that I would need to do something different than the first time (). After finding Law Preps online, I was able to talk to John and he seemed confident that he would be able to help me pass. After working with John weekly for the 3 months leading up to the bar, I can tell you that studying with John and Law Preps was the best decision I made when it came to bar prep and I wish I had done it the first time. John and Law Preps put together a detailed study plan for each day and allowed the tutor sessions to supplement this plan. By following this plan, I was able to get the most out of each session with John. While he made me work very hard, he also made the experience enjoyable. I am happy to say that I passed the February bar in Illinois and know for a fact that this would not have been possible without John and Law Preps helping me every step of the way.”


Passed Feburary 2014 Illinois Bar Exam

“John was an amazing bar exam mentor. He offered something  did not- customized schedules, one on one sessions, email and phone access- all the way up to the day of the exam. The amount of effort John puts in with a student is astonishing. It was comforting to know that I could email or call him at any time of day with questions, or talk through my frustrations about the exam, or talk about specific confusions I had on any given subject. Getting a prompt response when you are in the middle of a freakout (yes, you will have many of those) means the world when you are physically, mentally, and emotionally drained at the end of a study day. John was beyond excellent- but you must be willing to put in the hours he suggests- and even more to pass this exam. I would definitely recommend Law Preps to first time takers as well as repeat takers.”


Passed Feburary 2014 Illinois Bar Exam

“After I failed my first bar exam someone highly recommended John to me. I decided to forgo his services because I only failed by a couple of points and thought that if I just followed a little closer I would be fine. I ended up failing again. I decided to take the bar one more time. Obviously my strategy was not working and I knew I had to do something different, so I decided to try Law Preps. I soon realized that I needed a lot more individualized attention than what I had previous been getting. To my surprise, my essay writing needed a lot more work than I thought. We spent hours tailoring my writing to the bar. John also taught me how to break down a MBE question and differentiate between the right and wrong answers. Overall, John helped me learn from my past mistakes and taught me how to pass that bar. I would recommend Law Preps, and John specifically, to any bar taker, first-time or not.”


Passed Feburary 2014 Illinois Bar Exam

“There are not enough words to fully express my gratitude to John Ralston and Law Preps. Having been unsuccessful on the Illinois Bar Exam more than once, John was incredibly supportive in helping me keep my head in the game and not give up on the whole process. John takes the additional time and effort that is necessary to ensure that you fully understand the areas of the law that cause you problems; and most importantly, he was always available when I had additional questions or doubted myself. I was the last person in the world who thought a tutor was necessary to pass the bar but it was the best decision that I made during the entire process. The kind of attention that you get from John on your specific strengths and weaknesses is unprecedented. John knew my abilities better than I did and that is why the program works. They do not just help you with issues that you have with the substantive law but they also correct your thinking and your whole approach to exam questions. This method of teaching is not something that you will ever find with the commercial companies because with those companies you are merely a number but with Law Preps, you are a client and they are focused on you and helping you overcome the exam. It was John’s attention to detail and continual support that truly made the difference and resulted in my success on the exam. I cannot say enough good things about John and Law Preps and anyone who has been unsuccessful on a bar exam or is considering a bar prep program needs to contact John and Law Preps, you will not regret it.”


Passed Feburary 2014 Illinois Bar Exam

“When I found out that I did not pass the bar exam, I felt SO disappointed and a little bit hopeless. I always tried my best in school, and usually, did pretty well. However, the bar exam was different than any other test I had ever taken. Studying with John was the best decision that I have ever made. Words cannot describe my gratitude towards John for all of his efforts. I honestly do not know if I could have passed this second time without him. If I could only give one piece of advice to future bar exam takers, I would tell them that it is okay to ask for help… the bar exam is the farthest thing from easy. Luckily, John can and will help you pass the bar. With John’s help, passing the bar becomes a reality instead of a possibility!”


Passed Feburary 2014 Illinois Bar Exam

“There’s a stigma about needing a tutor to take a test. But LawPreps is the exception. John Ralston’s approach makes learning to study for the bar exam comfortable, easy, and – dare I say it – fun. His naturally friendly and encouraging disposition helped me face my fears and learn to beat the bar exam. As a representative for one of the big name bar review courses, I was very disappointed by the method of ignoring students once the money was fronted. A general bar review course could not direct me to where I had the most trouble memorizing and understanding the black letter law, and no one from the bar review seemed to care. I missed passing the bar by three points my first time because I was unprepared for the civil procedure and evidence material on the Illinois morning essay exam. Further, where my scores were low on the MBE, I felt it was because the general and massive rule books from the bar review could not explain what I did not understand without a helping hand. John extended two helping hands and a great attitude. On the day of my second exam, I could list rules word for word AND I understood what I was writing! I definitely attribute this to John’s approach to memorizing the law, understanding the law, and connecting the two in order to analyze facts. This was never something I was able to do before I was introduced to Lawpreps. Now, I don’t necessarily think of Lawpreps on a daily basis, but I certainly find a significant improvement in my writing and my approach to analyzing the facts before me, and that shows me how much of an impact Lawpreps had on my life and will have on my career. I give high praise to Lawpreps and John Ralston, and would place my bets on him again if I were to take the bar exam again in another state!”


Passed Feburary 2013 Illinois Bar Exam

“With the guidance of Law Preps I passed the bar exam on my fifth attempt. I would not recommend any bar prep course or tutor other than Law Preps.”


Passed July 2012 Illinois Bar Exam

“I just wanted to send you a short email to let you know that I received my letter this morning and I passed!! At long last! Thank you so much for all of your help over the spring/summer. It was great working with you, but I am so relieved to no longer need you!”


Passed July 2012 Illinois Bar Exam

“I had never worked with a tutor before working with Law Preps. I had been unsuccessful on prior attempts at taking the Illinois bar exam, and decided to take one last shot at the exam. I worked with John Ralston, and I have to say that was the best decision I made for my career. As a repeat examinee I had serious test anxiety issues and felt the bar was an obstacle I would never conquer. John created a very efficient and reasonable schedule for me, and helped tremendously with my test anxiety. Without his help I would not have passed the Illinois bar exam!!!! I wish I had used a tutor the first time took the bar. I am not one to write reviews for anything, but I can confidently say that I highly recommend using Law Preps!!!!”


Passed July 2012 New York and New Jersey Bar Exams

“I received the email late last night. I passed the NY Bar Exam! I could not have done it without all your help, all those hours and you working your schedule around to help me. Thank you very much for all your help.”


Passed February 2012 Illinois Bar Exam

“I cannot thank Law Preps enough for their invaluable help but, specifically a great big thank to my tutor Travis Rogers. Travis was not only a great teacher but also a tough one which, is exactly what I needed to pass the bar. In the summer of 2011 I decided to follow the herd and enrolled in a conventional bar prep course which did not provide me with the personal attention I needed. Law Preps however addressed all my areas of weakness and gave me the boost I needed to pass exam. Thank you Law Preps!”


Passed February 2012 New York Bar Exam

“I rarely write these testimonials, but in this case I will make an exception. Like many other law school graduates, I was immediately drawn to the aggressive marketing of a particularly well-known commercial bar review course. When I failed the NY bar exam the first time, I became increasingly worried that the bar exam was an obstacle that I could never overcome, no matter how many hours I put in studying for it. With about four weeks until the exam, I called John Ralston. Investing in John’s help was the best decision I made in 2012. I sit here writing this just one day after receiving word that I passed the NY bar exam, and I attribute this success to John and Law Preps. John quickly restored the confidence I had lost after failing the first time. He prepared a study schedule for me that was customized to my needs. I was an outline junkie in law school, and I can state with confidence that you will not find better outlines than those of Law Preps. Above all else, John was a very cool, relatable, intelligent and caring guy. We immediately forged a great working relationship, and he helped give me perspective. Bar exam takers, the best advice I can give you is this: If you are going to do it, call John at Law Preps and do it the right way.”


Passed February 2012 Illinois Bar Exam

“Law Preps was instrumental in helping me achieve success on the exam! The individual attention I received was far more valuable than the standard lecture-based course I had previously used. My tutor was phenomenal at finding my weak points in substantive knowledge as well as in essay mechanics. Also, having a tutor create my schedule and guide me through the entire preparation process was invaluable.”


Passed February 2012 Colorado and New Jersey Bar Exams

“Law Preps taught me twice as much in half the time. Thank you for helping me make round two of the exam a success.”


Passed July 2011 Illinois Bar Exam

“Enrolling in Law Preps was probably the smartest thing I could have done for my bar preparation. Law Preps not only provided me with great substantive instruction in every area of the law, but more importantly, it restored the confidence I was lacking in my own knowledge of the law. Having confidence going into the bar exam made all the difference for me.”


Passed July 2011 Georgia Bar Exam

“Thank you Law Preps and especially John Ralston for helping me to pass the July 2011 Bar Exam. You gave me the skills that I needed to pass the exam. Without any doubt I highly recommend Law Preps to anyone who is taking the bar in any state. Speaking from experience this is not an exam that you want to take multiple times, so do it right the first time and enroll with Law Preps.”


Passed July 2011 Illinois Bar Exam

“Studying for the bar exam is hard. John from Law Preps made studying for the bar exam easy and bearable. I was getting bogged down in the vast amount of information for all of the subject areas and was struggling to figure out how it all made sense and what were the important things to focus on. Once John explained things to me, the law made sense to me. Working with John made studying for the bar exam bearable; he taught me the important information, broke it down in a way that was easy to understand, and most importantly, I understood the material and was easily able to recall it during the bar examination.”


Passed July 2011 New York Bar Exam

“Using Law Preps tutoring service was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was not a recent grad with a lot of time to study, and my tutor really understood my situation and adjusted the program to fit my needs. My tutor helped me figure out how to work around my busy professional and personal schedule — working together even when we were on different continents. The individual attention made my study time much more productive. I would not have passed the NY Bar without Law Preps.”


Passed July 2011 Illinois Bar Exam

“I had failed the IL bar exam more than once. There is nothing more frustrating than religiously following a bar prep program and not passing the exam. I felt like the world’s biggest failure. After consulting with a former Law Preps student, I became really curious to see what Law Preps could do for me. I already spent so many hours and sunk thousands of dollars in other prep programs, I figured I had nothing left to lose. Working full-time and studying for the bar (again) seemed like history would repeat itself. However, the flexibility, support, encouragement, and knowledge of my tutor Kelli (who is awesome), the real MBE questions, and the concise outlines and charts were the winning combination! There is no greater feeling than to see your hard work and sacrifice finally pay off. I recommend Law Preps to everyone – first-time takers and repeat examiners.”


Passed February 2011 Illinois Bar Exam and July 2011 Arizona Bar Exam

“Law Preps saved my life. It gave me the tools to pass both the Arizona and Illinois bar exams!”


Passed February 2011 Illinois Bar Exam

“I failed the bar in July 2010. It was a humiliating, frustrating, and embarrassing experience that fueled my self-doubt to extreme proportions. As a part-time law student with a wife, children, a full-time job, and a commute to the suburbs, I was destined for failure the second time . . . that is, without a well-defined plan. John Ralston and Law Preps afforded me that plan. John refined my objectives, fine-tuned my study regimen, and tailored our sessions together to meet my schedule and my specific needs. What’s more, John helped me regain my confidence with his expertly crafted study aids and his methodical targeting of my weaknesses. I would recommend Law Preps to any Bar examinee without hesitation . . . If only someone had done that for me the first time.”


Passed February 2010 Illinois Bar Exam

“Law Preps gave me the additional boost I needed to pass the bar exam. I used the majority of my hours getting help with essay writing, as my essay scores were primarily what kept me from passing previous bar exams. It was a three month process that involved a lot of dedication from both of my tutor and myself. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” Every time I met with my tutor, we reviewed and analyzed my essay writing to the point where I felt like a robot. We also worked extensively on improving my MBE score. My tutor helped me to develop techniques for breaking down practice MBE questions and choosing the correct answer choice, particularly in Real Property, Evidence, and Criminal Law/Procedure. In fact, my tutor helped turn my weakest subject, Real Property, into the subject that I felt most comfortable with on the MBE. As a repeat taker of the exam Law Preps helped me tremendously, and the investment certainly paid off with passing the bar exam!”


Passed February 2010 Illinois Bar Exam

“I am so very grateful to you for helping me pass the Illinois bar exam. I really don’t think I could have done it without you. You were extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the law in every important subject matter covered on the exam. In addition to your substantive expertise, on a personal level, you were exceedingly supportive and very easy to work with.”


Passed February 2010 Illinois Bar Exam

“I cannot express enough my gratitude to John Ralston and Law Preps for helping me pass the Illinois bar exam. Being a three-time taker, I thought I had narrowed down my deficiencies to a point where I could successfully handle the exam. When the results came back negative for the third time, I realized that there was a mental block preventing me from overcoming this test. I was determined to succeed the fourth time, and John was instrumental in that success. During my first meeting with John we focused on my traditional problem areas and examined what I thought the rules of law were in those areas. John then assisted me in refining my understanding of these rules which enabled me to correct years of misunderstanding, and apply our lessons to the exam. By the end of our second meeting I was able to concoct the hypotheticals I had already encountered on the exams, and deconstruct them accordingly. When the February exam rolled around, I was supremely confident in my preparation, and passed! My problem was not my capability, but confusions that had existed since 1L year. Ultimately, Law Preps was crucial in helping me move forward with my legal career and I will always owe them my sincerest gratitude.”


Passed July 2010 Illinois Bar Exam

“I highly recommend Law Preps to anyone who is studying for the Bar Exam. Their outlines are superb in that they break down very complex rules, theories and law into easily digestible pieces of information which you will remember come exam time. Their one-on-one tutoring sessions were of immense help as well. Without their tutoring services (and handy outlines), I would not have passed the Bar Exam. The key to Law Prep’s success in helping candidates pass the Bar is simple–they identify your strengths and weakness with respect to the material covered in the exam and formulate a concise and rigorous schedule to maximize your chances of passing the Bar. My tutor’s dedication to his students was remarkable, and his resolve to put them in the best position to pass the exam was second-to-none. The most useful aspect of my time with John was his ability to motivate. There were many instances when the material seemed to be too much and too complex. His unique teaching-style coupled with his enthusiasm to teach helped me overcome those days of low motivation and keep me on track with my study regimen. Overall, my experience at Law Preps was far better than and helped me achieve much better results.”


Passed July 2010 Illinois Bar Exam

“Words cannot express my gratitude to you and Law Preps. After multiple setbacks with the Illinois Bar Exam, I was at a lost and in search mode. I was seeking a new approach on how to prepare for the exam and lacked the confidence I would need to pass. That all changed when I found Law Preps. From our first meeting you assured me that if I stayed the course and followed the study schedule you designed for me that I could pass. The private tutoring sessions were excellent as you provided me with one on one time to focus on all my weak subject areas. Moreover, the group workshops were amazing as they reinforced what I learned during our tutoring sessions. The best thing you did for me though was that you encouraged me and reassured me that I would succeed. And succeed I DID! Thank you for believing in me and instilling the confidence I needed to pass this exam. I would not have passed without you!”


Passed July 2010 Illinois Bar Exam

“I would recommend Law Preps to anyone and everyone taking the bar, but especially repeat bar takers! John Ralston was my instructor and he was the guide I needed during my bar review. His 6-week MBE lecture series is sure to get anyone over the hump when studying for the Bar! I know that bar exam preparation can be expensive, and with the state of the economy being the way that it is, every little bit helps. BUT trust me, I sacrificed the small amount that I had and it was well worth it in the end! It was worth my sanity and peace of mind in knowing that after this, I would not have to spend any more time, money, and effort to study all over again. THANK YOU LawPreps and JOHN RALSTON!!! KUDOS TO YOU!!”


Passed July 2009 Illinois Bar Exam

“John from Law Preps not only knows the law, he also knows the areas of law the examiners like to test on and how they like to test it. With over 22 bodies of law on the exam, John knows how to organize a student’s time effectively, and guides them through the studying process all the way until the day of the exam. If a student follows John’s schedule and advice, there is absolutely no reason why that student should not pass the bar!”


Passed July 2009 Illinois Bar Exam

“Studying for the bar exam after failing it in the past is an incredibly daunting and lonely experience. I honestly did not believe I had the will power to endure this process again. Law Preps was exactly what I needed. Not only did they provide me with the intellectual tools to successfully prepare myself for the exam, but they also provided me with the emotional and social support I needed so I could endure the stress of re-studying and re-taking the exam. Law Preps helped me rebuild my attitude so that going into the exam not only was I fully prepared to succeed but more importantly, I BELIEVED I was fully capable of passing the exam. Law Preps provided me with an amazing support system, enabling me to reach my full potential.”


Passed July 2009 Illinois Bar Exam

Studying for and taking the bar exam is a daunting task, but having Law Preps in your corner makes your goal of passing much more attainable. After failing more than once, I knew I needed to try a different approach. The attention to detail and quality of service you receive from Law Preps is excellent. My Illinois bar exam tutor was John. He was always prepared for our meetings and no matter what questions I asked he always had the answer. It helped immensely to be able to move at my own pace, especially when I needed more time to truly grasp certain subjects, and to actually have someone answer my questions right away. John was also great at building my confidence and reminding me that if I followed the program and working hard, I would pass. He was right! I would highly recommend Law Preps to anyone taking the Illinois bar exam.


Passed July 2009 Illinois Bar Exam

I was a repeat bar examination taker and sincerely believed that I would not pass. Each time that I went to review my examination results, I would be off by an average of 5 points. The last time that I had reviewed my results, I went with a friend who noticed flyers from Law Preps and he suggested that I consider reaching out for help. I, like most people, viewed asking for help as a sign of weakness and the ultimate sign of failure but using Law Preps turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would recommend Law Preps for the one and only bar examination course that an examinee enrolls in. They offer a comprehensive review that rivals other much larger bar review companies. Money is a factor for many of us, but the upfront costs are outweighed by successful bar examination results and the fact that you will not have to spend another three to six months, studying for the exam. Using Law Preps is money and time well spent!


Passed July 2009 Illinois Bar Exam

“For anyone who has taken the bar exam a few times and been unsuccessful, I would highly recommend using Law Preps. I was about to give up and not even take the bar again, but after some convincing from family and doing some research I found John at Law Preps and will never regret it. I finally passed and I owe a lot of that to John. He was there to keep me on track, and gave me a detailed schedule to follow. What I liked the most was that I could ask any question and he would explain things to me in several different ways until I understood and he never once made me feel stupid for not knowing something. John was great at breaking things down so that I understood them better. He was a great motivator and provided me with great support throughout the 10 week studying period. If you want to pass, don’t give up, hire John and he will help you make it happen!”


Passed July 2009 Illinois Bar Exam

“I highly recommend Law Preps for your bar exam preparation course. Law Preps will guide you every step of the way toward a passing score. They will find a way for you to comprehend the material and give you the confidence to answer any question on the exam. During my initial meeting with my tutor, I could tell he was organized and would make my preparation for the bar exam easier than studying on my own or with a major bar prep course. His attention to detail and accommodation to personal schedules makes their program easy to follow. After my tutor identified my strengths and weaknesses on the exam, he designed my individualized schedule and tutoring program. During each one-on-one session, he used practical examples to make each point of law more relatable to real-life issues that attorneys face. These exercises not only gave me the ability to answer all bar exam questions, but also increased my ability to discuss each topic intelligently. My tutor was also a great motivator. Studying for the bar exam can be mentally draining and frustrating with its mundane topics. As a practicing attorney who has passed the bar exam in multiple jurisdictions my tutor understood what I was going through. I owe Law Preps all the gratitude in the world for helping me pass the bar exam. I wholeheartedly believe that they will guide you there as well.”